England Marseillaise Tribute

Posted on November 17, 2015 by - Breaking News

England Marseillaise Tribute – supporters of the Three Lions will show their solidarity with the French people by singing the famous anthem at Wembley.

The international friendly between England and France was thought to be in doubt after the despicable and cowardly acts by Islamic terrorists in Paris on Friday night.

At least 129 innocent victims are dead win another 80 said to be critical after suicide bombers and armed gunmen wreaked havoc on the streets of Paris.

As we watched the action between Les Bleus and Germany live from Stade France last Friday we all heard the audible bang on a suicide bomber. French President Francois Hollande was at the ground and supporters made their way into the pitch after the game as confusion reigned.

The German players were so affected by what had happened they decided to stay in the dressing rooms overnight.

And in the morning instead of leaving on their team coach the bus was used as a decoy and the players left via an alternative exit.

But France manager Didier Deschamps expressed his wish for the game to go ahead and we at FC Bodog applaud the former Chelsea midfielder’s decision.

We could have understood if the French wanted to cancel the game – after what has happened it was absolutely their call but once Deschamps expressed his desire to play it was England’s duty to make that happen. Because cancelling  or even postponing the game would be giving in to the terrorists.

In the words of that famous football song Deschamps and his men “shall not be moved”.

France player Lassana Diarra’s cousin was killed in the horror attacks and the game promises to be an emotional occasion for many.

Wembley’s arch has been lit up this week in the colors of the French Tricolore as have several famous landmarks across the world including the pyramids of Giza.

The giant electric screens outside Wembley stadium bear the words: Liberty, Unity, Fraternity.

La Marseillaise is one of the most rousing anthems in the world but it can be notoriously tricky to learn. However, there mere gesture by supporters is what matters most.

The Marseillaise is a revolutionary song. It represents freedom and was intended as a patriotic call to motivate all the French citizens  to fight against tyranny and foreign invasion.

The French National Convention adopted it as the Republic’s anthem in 1795. It earned its nickname after it was sung in Paris by volunteers from Marseille marching on the capital.

England Marseillaise Tribute – football unites to defeat the terrorists.

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