Tottenham v Crystal Palace FA Cup Odds

Posted on February 19, 2016 by - FA Cup News

Things are going well for Tottenham, and they are favorites to get a win over Crystal Palace in the FA Cup 5th round, when they clash this Sunday at White Hart Lane at 15:00.

The Spurs are in as deep as it can be in the English Premier League title, and after their 1-2 away win over Manchester City last weekend, their fans believe they finally have a team to make a run for the title.

During the week they earned a good draw in the Europa League, leaving Florence with a 1-1 draw against Fiorentina. They will close out the Round of 32 next week at home.

“Until Fiorentina scored and we conceded the goal I think we were much better and we dominated the game. We has lots of options and chances. But I am happy and pleased and the effort was fantastic. It is true that after they scored we concede a little bit of possession of the ball and maybe we lost control of the game, but in general after 90 minutes I am happy with the performance”, Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino said.

“We need to wait for the second leg in London, and we need to be ready for Sunday against Crystal Palace.”

The reality is the Spurs could be in place to fight for three tournaments at the end of this weekend, and that goes beyond their wildest dreams before the season.

The Tottenham v Crystal Palace FA Cup Odds rated the Spurs at 1.7 to win on Sunday.  Crystal Palace are at 5.75 to leave White Hart Lane with an upset, and the draw is at 3.8.

Unlike Tottenham, Crystal Palace do not have the best streak in the EPL.  They have lost five of their last six matches, only drawing against Swansea in that span. Currently, they are eight points above Newcastle United in the relegation battle, but if they don’t fix things quickly, their season could be in jeopardy in a month or so.

The Eagles are so desperate they travelled to Spain to train this week and chance any losing scenario they have had.

“That was just a thing that we used to do, that run we had to the [1990] Cup final we used to go away for a week, so [it’s] a change a scenery, lighten the load a little bit and focus on the Cup,” said Pardew, whose team have fallen to 13th in the league. “It was a good experience for us, and hopefully, it’ll be the same for my players”, manager Alan Pardew said.

“It might change the mood a little bit. But it’s a training camp for Spurs, and going forward for the second half of the season, so in a way it might turn out to be a good thing for us: we get ourselves away and work on the team, ’cause we’ll obviously have some good weather and some good training facilities to do that.

Tottenham have won the last two meetings they have had against Palace.  In fact, since 2004, they been winners in four matches, Crystal Palace in two and there were two draws. Bet the Spurs to win and advance.

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