2018 World Cup Boycott!

Posted on November 17, 2014 by - FIFA World Cup News

2018 World Cup Boycott – that’s the drastic call from former head of the English FA David Bernstein writes football betting tips site FC Bodog.

Bernstein, who also served as chairman at Man City after the resignation of Francis Lee, has described FIFA as a totalitarian set-up that reminds him of the old Soviet Union.

FIFA are football’s world governing body. Chaired by Sepp Blatter, they decide where the World Cups are played and administer football’s biggest tournament.

The 2018 tournament is due to be played in Russia at 12 venues across the region.

Bernstein said that choosing Qatar as the 2022 World Cup host as one of the most ludicrous decisions in the history of sport.

It is hard to argue with those points. FC Bodog has written extensively on the bizarre decision to take a World Cup to a country devoid of any football heritage and where playing temperatures can exceed 130 degrees farenheit.

Bernstein made his comments after the report into FIFA corruption was published by US lawyer Michael Garcia. Garcia’s report examined the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Said Bernstein: “England on its own cannot influence this, one country can’t do it. If we tried to do something like that we’d be laughed at.

“I think England within Uefa undoubtedly have the power to influence FIFA, but to do so they would have to consider withdrawing from the World Cup, the next World Cup, unless proper reform, including Mr Blatter not standing (for a fifth term) is carried out at FIFA.

“If I was at the FA now, I would do everything I could to encourage other nations within Uefa and there are some who would definitely be on side, others may be not to take this line.

“At some stage you have to walk the talk, stop talking and do something.”

For a 2018 World Cup boycott to happen England would need the support of its fellow UEFA members.

UEFA is European football’s governing body. They are chaired by French football legend Michel Platini.

Bernstein reiterated the importance of UEFA members supporting England for a 2018 World Cup boycott to happen.

“It sounds drastic but frankly this has gone on for years now, it’s not improving, it’s going from bad to worse to worse.

“There are 54 countries within Uefa. There’s Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Holland, all powerful. You can’t hold a serious World Cup without them. They have the power to influence if they have the will.

“I think it would be supported by responsible people in this country and actually by the public, because although the public of course want to see England play in the World Cup, I’m sure they would be prepared to take a degree of sacrifice to see that happen.”

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