Nick Gray

Nick is the Editor-in-Chief of FC Bodog and has worked professionally as a bookmaker and journalist since the 90s. When it comes to sports writing and betting his two passions are football and golf, but he confesses to a love of most sports.

As a schoolboy he compiled his first ever book on the 1985 Wimbledon Tennis Championships and it proved to be a valuable, if painful lesson, that you should never leave yourself too exposed.

“Everyone wanted to be with this unknown German ginger-haired 17-year-old called Boris Becker,” said Nick. “I refused to believe he could beat my idol John McEnroe so I laid Becker at 66-1 until the cows came home.

“Two weeks later I became the most popular boy in school but I was paying school mates back with my dinner money for the next two years!”

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Sid Prince

Sid Prince used to work as an IT journalist but now he finds Sports news and sports betting to be delightful and interesting as well. He spends his time between work and meting death and destruction on the world of Sanctuary.

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Billy Allan

Billy Allan has more than a decade of writing stuff for various magazines, websites, and blogs. He credits the 1998 World Cup for sparking his interest in football. He is now a footy cheering for his favorite club.

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Al Simmons

Al Simmons has been covering sports news and odds since he was 14 years old. He was born in Costa Rica but lived his entire life in the USA. And while his name is similar to the fictional human identity of  Spawn , a 90s Image comic book hero, he says that he won’t be making any deals with any entity from the lower planes. And it also means that he loves comic books as much as sports he’s covering for a living.

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