England Odds To Win Euro 2016

Posted on February 20, 2016 by - UEFA Euro 2016 News

Perhaps no other team in the planet is used to disappoint so much as the English National team.  They will enter the Euro 2016 as one of the favorites, yet not many are buying.

The reason England are amongst the favorites has to be directly with how they managed to get here. They were the only team in the qualifiers which ended with a perfect pace, winning their 10 matches, scoring a sensational among of 31 goals, allowing just three.

Nobody had a better qualification path than England.  They were sensational, but the problem is we have seen this story unfolded before, and it wasn’t pretty. The English team has never won An European competition; in fact, their best finishes are two third places in 1968 and 1996.

The England Odds To Win Euro 2016 are rated at 13.0 at the online sportsbook Bodog; only Germany (4.2), France (4.33), and Spain (6.5) have better odds than them.

The FA executive trusted Ry Hodgson to turn things around after a disastrous World Cup in Brazil 2014.  The talent has always been there for England, it is about know how to maximize that talent in a good formation.

‘I think Roy is by far and away the best guy for the job. We put the issue of his contract to bed, saying it’s got to be performance-related and that’s not an issue”, said FA chief executive Martin Glenn.

‘My view is “how do we raise the chances of us being successful?” and I think he’s the guy to do it. We’ve qualified very well, he’s developed a young team which I think is really encouraging and it’s been his team. What’s there not to like?’

Hodgson will have a huge dilemma previous to the tournament.  He will have to choose between Wayne Rooney, who hasn’t played well all season, Jaime Vardy who has been outstanding and Harry Kane, who is now England’s golden boy.

There is a chance all three can play together with Rooney coming from behind, but the truth is his momentum has been awful.  His experience could be important inside the team, but he needs to step and remember when he was one of the World’s great.

England are in Group B, listed at 1.91 to come up as winners.  Russia (3.75), Wales (5.0) and Slovakia (9.0) are in also in the zone.  In case they get eliminated the Euro 2016 odds rated them at 11.0.

It’s hard to think England won’t make it to the second round.  Everything else going forward will be tested by how mentally strong is this team.

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