Karim Benzema Euro 2016 Odds

Posted on February 24, 2016 by - UEFA Euro 2016 News

It hasn’t been a quite last six months for Karim Benzema, but the French striker hopes he can represent his country, when they host the Euro 2016 in June.

Benzema is the third favorite in the Euro Betting Odds to finish as the top scorer, only behind Thomas Muller and Cristiano Ronaldo.  However, his off-field issues could prevent him from participating in the European Championship with France.

Real Madrid’s striker is really in a dark mess.  He’s been accused of blackmailing his teammate Matthew Valbuena about a sexual tape involving Valbuena.  The French authorities are now investigation the issue, but on every tabloid Benzema has come up as the villain.

“Benzema is not able to be picked, and he won’t be in June [at Euro 2016] if the situation does not change. It’s heartbreaking, I must say”, explained France coach Didier Deschamps back in December. “We’re all embarrassed, we would have preferred to avoid such an affair. I’m unhappy about it firstly because he is good and because I’m convinced he was caught up in something completely crazy which went over his head.”

However, in February Deschamps admitted he’s trying to do as much as possible to clear Benzema and has him ready to go in June.  France will meet Switzerland, Romania and Albania in Group A of the Euro 2016; the French are favorites to win the zone with or without Benzema.

“There is the law, and there is the Federation. As of today, he is still not available so I cannot select him. It would need my president to decide [if he can play] and for the law to give a positive answer as well” added Deschamps two months later after his comments.

“If I found myself in that situation, I would consider it and make my decision. Things can change. From a sporting point of view, I want to have the best team and, therefore, the best players. But in this case, there is also a judicial panel. We have to see how things develop.”

The Karim Benzema Euro 2016 Odds have Real Madrid’s striker at 10.0 of he plays and ends up as the top scoring player in the tournament.  If he’s the main scorer in France’s National team, the betting odds at the Online Sportsbook Bodog will pay 6.0.

Even if Benzema can get clear and play in the tournament, a shadow of doubts will surround him in this tournament.  Karim is the type of player who needs a playmaker around him to be truly effective.

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